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Cone crusher mobile crushing station

The mobile cone crushing station is based on the ship-shaped steel frame mobile carrier. The main crusher is a variety of types of cone crushers. The mobile cone crusher is a combined cone crusher. It is an upgraded version of the traditional cone crusher. It is more flexible and more flexible. convenient.
Compared with the fixed production line, the mobile cone crushing equipment is more maneuverable, the single machine can be transferred at any time, and the environmental adaptability is better, and it is not restricted by the surrounding environment.
Built-in motor, dual-purpose oil and electricity, support independent power generation, can overcome electricity restrictions;
Comes with hydraulic outriggers, which can stabilize the fuselage, and the whole machine does not need to be fixed by foundation;
Intelligent control, remote control, safe and convenient;
A variety of configurations are optional, and can be selected as required. Both stand-alone operation and multi-unit combined operation are supported.

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